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Determining mass of solute in a volume of solution

Example 3:

How many grams of solute are in 2.4 mL of a .02 M H2O2 solution?


Step 1

Write out the definition for molarity. M = moles solute/ liters of solution

Step 2

Identify the quantities given in the question
volume of solution
moles of solute
molar mass
2.4 mL
? unknown
.02 M H2O2

1 mol = 34 g H2O2

Step 3

Use the definition of molarity to cancel out volume and determine the grams of solute.

grams solute = [liters of solution] [molarity] [ molar mass of solute]

g solute = 1.6 x 10-3 g H2O2

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