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Lab Safety, using an MSDS assignment and properties of common alcohols

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Dr. Walter Volland

You can use the following URLs as pointers to access material safety data sheet websites. This is a web link to a brief introduction to the history of msds sheets.

The information to complete the assignment will be available from these sources. This is a standard laboratory assignment. Print out the questions and write out your answers. Use your notes to complete the equiz for this lab. Complete the posted Canvas "equiz" for the lab after you have answered the questions in the lab procedure. Good luck with the assignment. Remember equizzes (lab reports) are due on Monday after the assigment is made in our Canvas classroom. You need to look up msds sheets for both methanol and ethanol for this assignment.  Both methyl alcohol, methanol, CH3OH, CH4O, and ethyl alcohol, ethanol, CH3CH2OH, C2H6O, which are in household substances.

NOTE the name and formula for the material in the msds must match EXACTLY with the name for the selected compound. The name in the MSDS has to match exactly with the name for your compound. Here are some uses for the two substances. You must come up with your own.  Ethanol, CH3 CH2OH, (click to see simple model) is the active agent in alcoholic beverages and recently an additive to gasoline.

Methanol, CH3OH, (click to see simple ball and stick model) used in gasoline as a water removal or drying additive. You will also need to look up the MSDS for aspirin to find its LD50.

Use the following links to access MSDS files for almost any compound.

More than 4.5 million free msds sheets
General page to msds information
Multiple msds data base search engines

Material Safety Data Sheet Dictionary. These are great places to learn what MSDS terms mean.

ACRONYMS AND COMMON TERMS USED ON MSDS'S....These links connect to glossaries and definitions of terms.

Students in Dr. Volland's class must complete the lab report

using equiz, eq1, in Canvas by the Monday posted deadline .

You are to answer the following questions for aspirin, methanol and ethanol.

What is the URL for the source of your MSDS information on each alcohol? Give URL in form ie http://www.xxxxxxxx.html List it. Do not give a "gateway" or pointer URL

What is a CAS number? check this glossary link

What is the CAS number for ethanol? link to msds ethanol msds

What is an MSDS? check this glossary link

What use is an MSDS glossary link

What is a carcinogen? glossary link

Is methanol a carcinogen? methanol msds

What does the term LD50 oral rat mean? glossary link

What is the LD50 oral rat in mg / kg body weight, for methanol? check link

What is the LD50 oral rat in mg / kg body weight, for ethanol? check link

Look up the MSDS for aspirin what is the LD50 oral rat in mg / kg body weight for it? check link

Which has the lowest LD50 oral rat and is more toxic; aspirin, ethanol or methanol? Which is more toxic? check here about toxicity

If 300 test animals (rats) receive the LD50 oral rat dose for aspirin how many animals are expected to survive? check here

The LD50 for table salt NaCl is 3000 mg / kg of body mass. How many milligrams of NaCl would make up the LD50 dose for a 100 pound person?  check here

Name a consumer product that you know of that contains methanol. click here

The consumption of methanol can cause blindness. Do a web search to find an article describing the illegal use of methanol in place of ethanol. Give the URL for the article you found. example Kenya1   example Bali 2  

Why do people use methanol to illegally adulterate alcoholic products?

Students in WAOL Canvas are to use the equiz, eq1,  in our Canvas classroom to turn in a lab report

Revised September 21, 2013, copyright 2001-2013    Dr. Walter Volland

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