On-line Introductory Chemistry
Dr. Walt Volland

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Revised July 14, 2013

Ethanol model and formula

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This class is intended for people who need a laboratory science, are pursuing prenursing or health occupations careers, are required to complete a series of chemistry classes, or need the introductory course for introductory organic chemistry . Experiments are done at home using consumer products. The experiments can be completed during the week.

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Weekly lectures

1.Nature of matter

2.Measurements, conversion factors

3 Atomic structure

4 Ions and ionic formulas

5 Molecules, covalent

bonds, shapes, polarity of bonds,

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6 Balancing equations, Mols, Avogadro's number, Molar mass, Percent yield

7. Bond energy, exo- & endo- thermic , entropy, free energy, rates of reaction, catalysts, equilibrium

8 States of matter, gas laws, pressure iintermolecular forces, vapor pressure

9 Solution process, solubility, concentrations, Henry's law, Molarity, Osmolarity, Dilutions

10 Acids, bases, dissociation of water, Kw, pH neutralization, weak acids, strong acids



Question of the week.

What is an LD50? Answer is here



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