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Dr. Walt Volland

After you register for Online Introduction to Chemistry from Washington Online, WAOL. Support for the class will be available from the WAOL Canvas pages.

Washington Online uses Canvas to put the class on the internet. WAOL website or the Spokane Community College site.

A text is not really needed. I provide a weekly list of study topics and web sources tthat describe the study topics. You can use the lecture notes and web sources I provide in place of a text. You can also search the web for relevant content. 

You can use any introductory chemistry text as long as you can correlate it to our weekly work.

There is a comfort level associated with a required textbook. If you feel you want a text then a recommended text is published by Pearson. The primary author is John McMurry.

The recommended text is the 7th edition. Buy the study guide with solutions to accompany the text..

Fundamentals of General, Organic, and Biological Chemistry 7th

Authors: Carl A. Hoeger; Virginia E. Peterson; David S. Ballantine; John E. McMurry
Publisher: Prentice Hall PTR
Edition: 7th, Seventh, 7e Year: 2012 Format: Hardcover 992 page
ISBN 13: 9780321750839 (978-0-321-75083-9)
ISBN: 0321750837 (0-321-75083-7)

You should get a copy of the text and the study guide with solutions before the quarter starts. *  *

If your text is late in arriving you can do well using the WEBNOTES. The WEBNOTES are designed to provide content parallel to that found in the text.

(The 6th or 7th edition of the text may be used, but these will have different numbers for questions, examples and sections. )

You should purchase a pair of safety goggles to do your home experiments. Goggles are essential for your safety even though you will be using materials that are normal consumer products. Return to homepage


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