Online Introductory Chemistry

Tentative schedule of readings, labs and quizzes.

These due dates and assignments may be changed by the instructor. Revised April 20, 2014

Dr. Volland's classes have eQuizzes due by 11:55 PM of the following Monday. Lab report are submitted using equizzes in Canvas.

Dr. Volland's classes have content quizzes due 11:55 PM the following Thursday. The content quizzes are only available in Canvas

All content quizzes and lab reports (equizzes) are completed and submitted online inside of the class Canvas classroom

Content quiz deals with work up to date
Readings in McMurray & Castellion
* indicates key topics

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Week 1

Content Quiz 1

Energy, states of matter, element symbols, types of elements, physical change, chemical change, Measurement, SI units, significant figures, Conversions
Chapter 1 all sections

Chapter 2 all sections

Week 2

Content Quiz 2

Atomic structure, periodic table
Chapter 3 all sections

Week 3

Content Quiz 3

Ionic bonding
Chapter 4 all sections

e2 Measurement and breath volume

Week 4

Quiz 4

Covalent bonding
Chapter 5 all sections

e3a Separation of mixtures into pure substances

e3b Radiation exposure estimate and radon risk

Week 5

Quiz 5

Equation balancing, mole, Avogadro's number, calculations
Chapter 6 sections
e4 Element Identification & Emission Spectra

Week 6

Content Quiz 6

Chemical reactions, energy changes, rates, equilibrium
Chapter 7
e5 Shapes of molecules-VSEPR

Week 7

Content Quiz 7

Properties of gases, liquids and solids, intermolecular forces, hydrogen bonding.
Chapter 8 sections

e6 Percent water in popcorn/percent composition

Week 8

Content Quiz 8

Properties of solutions, solubility, molarity,
Chapter 9 sections
1*,2*,3,4,5,6,7*(molarity), 8*
e7 Percent yield of carbon dioxide from sodium bicarbonate

Week 9


Acids, bases, pH
Chapter 10 sections

Week 10

Final Due

Radioactivity, half-life Chapter 11 sections 1,2,3*,4*, 6  

Revised by Dr. Walt Volland, Revised April 20, 2014