Online Introductory Chemistry

Dr. Walt Volland revised June 17, 2010

Online chemistry keys to success

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Materials and textbook:  You will need a copy of the textbook( McMurry & Castellion 6th edition), the matching study guide and a pair of safety goggles for doing the kitchen counter experiments at home.
The experiment procedures and lecture assignments are provided as part of the weekly lessons. The experiments may require supplies from a grocery, drug store or other retailer. For example you will need some coffee filter paper and red cabbage to prepare indicator paper for pH measurements.

Questions and exchanges:   I think the syllabus should answer most questions, but it may also raise some. Remember the course work is done week by week with assignments due regularly each week.  Questions should go to my Angel mailbox for a private exchange. You will also need to have your own mailbox outside of  ANGEL. Include an email address in the profile information you enter in ANGEL. If you do not have an email address now you must acquire one. This is our primary way outside of Angel to exchange questions and answers.

Keys to Success:   Regular participation and consistent work pace are important. This avoids falling behind. This insures you will do well in this learning environment. You need to keep logging in regularly on a daily basis. Keep a steady work pace. You will have at least a week to work on an assignment such as a content quiz, experiment or experiment report submitted using an equizz. If you access the ANGEL classroom on a daily basis you will avoid the risk of "MISSING" posted information. If there is a troublesome topic you should ask answers as soon as possible. A week is Thursday to Thursday and our study block.

Useful skills, facts and techniques

* Familiarity with features of ANGEL and ability to research topics on the web
* Your assignment scores are available under in our Angel classroom under "REPORTS"
* Consistent almost daily work with materials (covered in week 1)
* Successful practice with assignments and exercises. You should study the material and concepts so you can completely answer any homework exercise without notes.
* Review weekly work with the self tests found in each week's WEBNOTES.
* Reading alone will not work.
* Create a summary of each lesson

*Practice analyzing problems, writing solutions and writing answers
*Be sure to review web lectures which include text material & additional content
* Ability to use a calculator with scientific notation